15 Large and Small Indicators You Live in a Failed Nation-State

Republican National Convention1) You can get your hands on an AK-47 in less than an hour.

2) You can be gunned down anywhere and at anytime.

3) Police all too often: “shoot first and ask questions later.”

4) Political leaders choose to fund a bloated military rather than public services.

5) Military service is considered the highest calling. 

6) Religious organizations collude with the wealthy to repress the poor.

7) An estimated 45,000 people die every year in your country because they do not have health insurance. That mortality rate is socially acceptable.

8) The media conveys the message through Reality TV that ill-educated, parochial, and misinformed individuals are worthy of emulation.

9) Ph.D.’s working within the university system earn the same hourly wage as unskilled laborers at Wal-Mart.

10) Cancer rates are skyrocketing, but rather than address the environmental causes, the public is encouraged to think pink.

11) The rich live in exclusive, self-contained communities protected by the police and some kind of geographical barrier.

12) Bumper stickers, which broadcast family size, political affiliation, corporate allegiance, personal attitudes, travel destinations, and even pet preferences are the means by which the isolated and politically irrelevant seek to give themselves voice.

13) One of the two major political parties blames the country’s social and economic problems on minorities, immigrants, and welfare recipients.

14) A divisive and bombastic radio shock jock has a bronze bust of his head placed in a state capital building – hint – it’s in Jefferson City, Missouri.

15) A guy with the unfortunate name of Huckabee, who authored the literary masterpiece “God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy,” is campaigning for the presidency of your nation.

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