10 Reasons to VOTE AGAINST Hillary Clinton


1) You know in your gut she’s disingenuous.

2) She exudes as much human warmth and approachability as a grizzly in a business suit.

3) She’ll fill her administration with her cronies from The Street.

4) Her outlandish “speaking fees” from companies like Goldman Sachs were nothing more than a form of legalized bribery.

5) History has shown that a politician who engages in deceit, secrecy, and dirty politics during an election will do the same, or worse, once in the White House.

6) As Secretary of State, she was instrumental in making a shambles out of Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.

7) She, like her husband, is an advocate of globalization, which has impoverished millions, enriched the few, and fractured American society.

8) She’s counting on the Democratic Party elite – who are unelected Super Delegates – to choose her over Sanders and thus ensure her nomination.

9) A win for her in November means we’ll be seeing a lot of Bill – and nobody wants that.

10) She is the Status Quo.


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