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Robert Schneiders has nearly twenty years of experience in research and writing on environmental topics. His two published monographs won awards for their innovative environmental interpretations and analysis. He offers clients not only a store-house of knowledge on a variety of subjects, but also a commitment to thoroughness in research methods, clarity and succinctness in prose, professionalism and enthusiasm in presentation, and honesty and integrity in all personal communications.

His expertise lies in water development in the American West, Great Plains history and ecology, the pre-settlement character of North American environments, Native American land-use practices, the ecological role of fire, the environmental consequences of warfare, and combatant use of terrain, vegetation, climate, hydrology, and geography in the conduct of military operations. He is a nationally-known expert on the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers.

Robert can assist individuals, NGOs, government agencies, and corporations with the research necessary to: complete an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), learn the environmental history of a locale; successfully implement a mitigation or recovery program based on historical data; determine the environmental consequences of military activities or engineering projects; and ascertain how modern military organizations utilized, or will utilize, the environment to conduct defensive or offensive military operations.


  • The Great Plains
  • Water Development
  • Native American Land Use
  • Pre-Settlement North American Environments
  • The Missouri River
  • The Yellowstone River
  • War and Its Environmental Consequences
  • The Use of the Environment in Military Strategy and Tactics

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