Robert Schneiders, Ph.D.

Robert grew up along the Missouri River at Sioux City, Iowa. He has spent a lifetime interacting with, and learning from, that big, brawny river. But his knowledge goes beyond just the Missouri. He has studied the Yellowstone and other rivers of the West, including the Columbia, Colorado, and the Rio Grande. Additionally, Robert has years of international travel experience, having visited all the continents but Antarctica. He has worked in a variety of cross-cultural settings and has lived in places as diverse as Taiwan, Spain, Australia, and yes, even Iowa!

In the past several years Robert has travelled to Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia on four, separate, extended trips to conduct research into the effects of military operations on the various environments of Indochina. His experiential knowledge is complemented by almost two decades of academic research and a Ph.D course of study in United States environmental history.

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